Test driving is such an important facet of a the car buying journey, yet so few people utilize the opportunity to their full advantage. We want to explain why test driving is especially important in this day and age and cite some eye-opening statistics regarding the process.

According to Cox Automotive, 55 percent of consumers only test drive one vehicle at the dealership. Of course, that is the car they have their eyes set on. That is also the model they eventually end up buying. However, don’t you try on more than one hat or pair of shoes? In the same vein, you should get behind the wheel of multiple vehicles.

Why do people only test one car? The average vehicle on American roads is more than a decade old. Any new car is obviously going to feel superior. This is why when customers test drive a new car, they feel good about it and don’t consider testing out other models.

We recommend test driving more than one model, especially getting a feel for the technology offered, such as driver-assist and infotainment systems. These technologies have improved drastically in the past five years, some of which weren’t even available just 10 years ago. Visit our Kia our dealership and test out various models, such as the 2019 Kia Niro and 2019 Kia Sorento.

During the drive, notice how the steering feels in your hands. Is the seating easily adjustable and comfortable? How well does the car handle bumps on the road?

Make an appointment with Sansone Kia to take a few test drives. After you think you found “the one,” proceed to our Kia finance center near Woodbridge, NJ to determine payment and loan options.