Your choices are aplenty when it comes to a pre-owned vehicle. We recommend you visit Sansone Kia to see our expansive inventory, which constantly changes due to daily trade-ins. Our used inventory consists of two types: regular pre-owned and certified pre-owned (CPO) automobiles. Do you know the difference?

People who buy pre-owned are often concerned that the vehicle may end up being a clunker. At the same time, they could be hesitant about purchasing new, either because of budgeting concerns or worries about depreciation. A CPO car is essentially the middle-of-the-road option, and we have a lot to offer here at our Nissan dealership near Edison, NJ.

Yes, the car is pre-owned. Where it differs from a regular pre-owned automobile is that it satisfies certain criteria. It cannot, for instance, exceed a certain mileage, and it also must be a certain age. The certified label also means that it underwent a 150-point inspection at the dealership, ensuring all components are road-ready and reliable.

So, what are some advantages of opting for a certified pre-owned car? For one, you can be certain it hasn’t been in a major collision. Certified vehicles undergo a history check, which you can think of as an automobile’s version of a medical history report. Cars are ineligible for the certified designation if it has sustained significant body or frame damage.

Check out our certified pre-owned cars near Union, NJ. All models have undergone vetting from CARFAX and come with the report to back it up. Of course, if you prefer new, be sure to take a look at all that we have to offer, such as the 2019 Kia Rio and more.