The dog days of summer are here, and at Sansone Kia, we want to share some tips on how to keep your car canine safe! Come check out the recently redesigned 2019 Kia Sorento, it’s perfect for the whole pack!

As with humans, the first thing to consider when transporting your dog is a proper safety harnesses. The ideal option is a well-fitted seat belt attached firmly to the back seat of the vehicle. If this is not an option, placing their crate in the back seat with a blanket and toy for comfort is a viable alternative.

Let’s leave the term hot dog reserved for food and ensure our pups have a well-ventilated space to calmly enjoy the summer ride. Under no circumstance should you leave your dog inside the vehicle unattended during the summer months; this is putting the pet’s life directly at risk. According to some six-time winning Super Bowl champion quarterbacks, staying hydrated can prevent sun burn. While the science is still out on Father Tom’s claims, we do know on long summer journeys your dog will need their own water supply. Be sure to pack their own bowl and additional water for the parched pup to slurp down once the car is at a stop.

Vet visits are universally despised by all dogs, and our ruse to mask the destination is almost immediately blown by the canine’s clairvoyance. But if your pet is on the older side, it is best to take a quick trip to your vet and make sure the old dog is still healthy enough for travel.

Dogs force us to slow down our everyday lives, take a stroll, and relax from the fast-paced world. This is no different on a road trip; human’s best friend requires more stops than their chauffeurs. Be sure to pause every hour or two and allow your dog time to stretch their legs and use the restroom.

If you are out on the open road, answering the call to the wild this summer, stop by Sansone Kia for some cool water for you and your co-pilot!